Lašelinio drėkinimo sistema "Profesionalas 3"


Nauja gera prekė

15 metrų laistymo žarna (4/7 mm), purkštuvėliai (10 vnt.), purkštuvėlių laikikliai (10 vnt.), maišytuvo jungtis,
T jungtys (9 vnt.).


Pristatysime per 21 dieną

34,00 €


52,31 €



  • Our expandable dripper set can be used to water up to 10 plant pots. The kit parts fit rapidly and easily together and can be adapted to meet your precise watering needs.
  • If you use the system on a tap, you can use a standard hose up to the location where
  • you want to start watering.
  • If the system is used on a balcony, for instance, you will need access to an external water source, e.g. a bucket that the pump can draw water from. The pump is not included.
  • If you choose to use several sets combined, remember that no single hose may be
  • longer than 15 m.
  • The maximum flow from the drippers is about 4 litres per hour per dripper.
  • Ensure that all parts are correctly assembled before starting the system.
  • At the end of each season, dismantle all parts of the system and clean them with water.
  • Dry them off to avoid frost damage if the system is to be kept in cold storage, for example.
  • This product is only for outdoor use.
  • Do not use in temperatures below 0 °C.

The set included:

  • 1 X Hose
  • 1 X Green Faucet Connection
  • 1 X 47 Nipple
  • 10 X Close-able Drip Heads
  • 9 X 47 Tee
  • 10 X Small Ground Rods

Packaging Details

  • Package Weight: 0.4 kg (0.88lb.)
  • Package Size: 12 cm x 12 cm x 24 cm (4.72 in x 4.72 in x 9.45 in)

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