Magnetinės rankų ir kojų juostos "Močiutės mezginiai" (turmalino pagrindu, magnetinė teapija, patogūs devėti, lankstūs, šilti)


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Product Features:

  • Complement the required magnetic to human body;
  • Improve knee microcirculation, increase the leg explosive force;
  • Open the local blood circulation and restore the body's energy;
  • Effectively activate the ability of cell metabolism, enhance immunity;
  • Reduce the injury of knee joint in sports; 
  • For both young and old;
  • To keep warm, antifreeze.


  • color: red
  • size: 30*14 cm
  • weight: 0.12 kg
  • material: tourmaline fiber & magnetic fiber
  • feature: magnetic therapy
  • function: pain relief
  • Material: tourmaline fiber & magnetic fiber
Main Materials:
  • Bio-magnetic fiber
  • Tourmaline fiber

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