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Dūmų ir ugnies jutiklis - signalizacija "Patikimumas"


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This Wireless smoke sensor can work with all 433Mhz alarm panel of our store.


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Product Description

This Wireless smoke sensor can work with all 433Mhz alarm panel of our store, but we can not make sure whether it can work with other alarm in market, if you want to order this item to work with other system, please send some pictures or web link of the system to us to check it first, thank you!!!


  • Battery-operated smoke alarm with photoelectric sensor;
  • Wireless technology uses radio frequency to transmit and receive messages;
  • Alert and warn people stay far away from danger field when it detected smoke;
  • The detector adopts the special structure design, has the dustproof, mothproof and anti outside light interference feature etc.;
  • Fire Smoke Detector Alarm, general purpose ideal for all areas : house, shop, hotel, restaurant, office building, school, bank, library, computer house and storehouse etc.

CAN NOT WORK ALONE. Must use it together with alarm panel.

Technical parameter    

  • Working Voltage : 9V alaline battery    
  • Working current : Quiescent current is less than 10 uA;    
  • Working current is less than 40 mA.    
  • Transmitting Frenquency: 433 mHz    
  • Transmitting Distance : ≥ 120m (no barriers)    
  • Frequency: 433 Mhz    
  • Coding Method: 1527    

Package contents:   

  • 1 pcs wireless smoke sensor   

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