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  • Measuring range: 10000 - 19,990,000 (ions/cc)
  • Resolution: 10000 (ions / cc)
  • compact, easy to carry
  • can show positive and negative ion concentrations
  • for a variety of negative ion generator, air purifier, air conditioning, high concentration of the ion source to measure.
  • LCD display: display value units for the million, the maximum reading 1999
  • button battery using 1.5 V x 2 LR44 (battery not included)
  • Size: 80mm (length) x 30mm (width) x 10mm (height)
  • the maximum value remains (AITP)

AIT (P) ion meter advantages:

  • AIT (P) anion ion gauge is AIT gauge improved, it is the biggest difference between the AIT is the maximum value of the measured air ions remain on the display, it will give the instrument readings more stable, easy to read.
  • Before each measurement to confirm the switch in the "off" position, when you start to make the instrument away from the object, so that its initial reading of zero or close to zero regulation and then slowly close the ion source. It displays the reading will remain until the power is turned off.


  • The switch to the "ON" position.
  • Keeping the thumb and the square in front of the sheet metal, the metal plate toward the back of the air tested negative ion generator, and tested the closer air anion generator tester readings higher, whereas smaller. Therefore, to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, leave the meter and test negative ion generator to maintain an appropriate distance.
  • The measurement process, do not touch the metal piece to the back of the instrument, otherwise it would be inaccurate readings.
  • If the reading is not preceded by the measurement symbol is measured positive ions, if the display "-" is the anion surface.
  • To re-measure should first turn off the power, then restart it.
  • The measurement method textiles: the thumb in contact with the front metal plate, the metal plate toward the back of the textile gently rubbing test, the display will show the ion concentration and to polarity, which can produce ions as the ability of a fabric kinds of important reference.


  • This instrument is a-high impedance measuring meter,it must pay attention to moisture when using and collectiing,if moisture appeared  then testing is unstable, reading disorder and other problems, then the available hair dryer or drying in the sun.
  • When the battery runs low battery symbol appears, it should open the back cover to replace the battery with the specifications and attention battery polarity.
  • If you need to get a more accurate ion content or measured ion content in the environment less than 10,000 (ions / cc) of the following, choose other anion detector please.

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