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Product Description

The Nano Energy Wand looks like a pen, but its not. It contains 11 different natural minerals and crystals fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level intended to improve you health. The wand works on individual cells balancing the body's chi and speeding up the healing process. Specifically targeting the immune and nervous systems.

  • To discharge energy blockages in our body
  • To clear the distortions in our Bio energy field
  • To facilitate the body in healing
  • To energize the foods and liquids thereby increasing potency
  • On pets and plants to supplement energy deficiency
  • To balance & energize the body imbalance
  • To help others from aches, pains and other ailments
  • To energize the environment in which we live.


  • Help our body to obtain homeostasis condition
  • Help our body’s bio energetic field to source Zero Point Energy
  • Relieves us of pain, discomfort and supports healing
  • Energizes the liquid we drink, and food we eat by increasing the potency
  • Neutralizes the harmful elements (energetically) from the liquid we drink, and the food we eat.
  • Energizes creams, oils for better absorption of nutrients
  • Facilitates and strengthens the flow of energy in our body
  • Unblocks and strengthens the flow of energy in our body
  • Stimulates bodily function and strengthens immunity.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Nano Pen
  • 1  x Leather bag

Packaging Details

  • Package Weight: 0.150 kg (0.33lb.)
  • Package Size: 15 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm (5.91in x 1.97in x 1.18in)

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