Išpardavimas! Saugos diržas vaikui "Vaiko džiaugsmas" (motociklui, motoroleriui) Padidinti

Saugos diržas vaikui "Vaiko džiaugsmas" (motociklui, motoroleriui)


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This is a motorcycle (electric vehicles) for the safety strap, children like to wear the same bag strap, shoulder to protect children's safety, in front of a big safety buckle tied adults, children can sit in front, you can also post sit, can be tied children. Usage: Children put on your shoulders, put on a small plug buttoned (shoulder belt to prevent foreign expansion fall), adult thick piece of ribbon tied to his own waist, and then fasten big buckle, you can.


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40,00 €


80,00 €



  • An integrated high strength safety webbing
  • Breathable hole cushion and Sided breathable mesh
  • High brightness reflective tape
  • Prevent misuse of safety buckle
  • Suitable waist (children): 46 cm - 106 cm
  • The total adjustment range of the product: 95 cm - 160 cm
  • Suitable age: 2 - 12 years old

Package includes:

  • 1 × child motorcycle safety harness

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