Naujiena: Pirštu valdoma pelė (3D, 1200 dpi)


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Ypač maža 3D optinė, pirštu valdoma pelė. Tinka tiek stalo, tiek nešiojamiems kompiuteriams, kai kuriems išmaniesiems telefonas.


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  • Mini USB 3D Optical Finger Mouse Mice for Laptop PC Computer Notebook Handheld
  • Multi-tasking function allows users to write or type when operating the USB Finger Mouse at the same time
  • Innovative design
  • Operate the USB Finger Mouse between your index finger and thumb
  • 3D internet wheel fully supports the wheel operation functions of Windows OS series.
  • USB interface, Plug-and-Play, no installation need.
  • Button: 2 buttons and scroll wheel
  • No mouse pad required, sliding on any surface.
  • Real hardware resolution 1200dpi - fastest and best.
  • fulfill the autos-roll and zooming function etc by its own drive
  • Digital encoder technology, operate precisely, prevent faulty movement effectively
  • Compatible with Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/ For Mac OS


  • Dimensions: 60mm*30mm*25mm(L*H*W)
  • Color: Black,
  • Original box: NO
  • Net weight: 39 g

Packing content:

  • 1 x USB 3D 1200dpi Optical Finger Mouse

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