Šildantis juosmenį diržas "Šiluma 8" (Magnetinė terapija)

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Ypatingas magnetų išdėstymas - štai kur šio diržo veikimo paslaptis. Sumažina nugaros skausmas ar padeda juos visiškai pašalinti. 


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  • The Tourmaline beads are embedded into 2 pads at the front and back of the belt which produce heat when contact with the skin.
  • Tourmaline is a natural mineral which produces Far infrared rays and negative ions, which are very good for overall health as they increase circulation and enzyme activity which help to stimulate detoxify the body.
  • As an added tourmaline may also help burn fat around the waist.
  • The pads slowly start to heat the skin with unique permanent magnets after approximately 15 minutes and can be moistened with a damp cloth or spray to produce more heat. Our belts provides excellent support and pressure to the lower back and can help correct bad posture.
  • Our belts are made of high quality material with elastic side panels with 2 fully adjustable fastening straps on both sides

How to use:

  • Use wet cloth to wipe the heat part of neck/waist/knees massager before you wear them on. You will feel
  • obvious heating on the neck after about 15-30 minutes. It takes longer time if you do not make the heating parts wet.
  • It's a re-use product and can be used for very long time.
  • Just wash by hand. No need any soap.
  • Scorching hot is normal phenomenon when you first use this product. Just take off the massager, the scorching hot will disappear later. 1-2 times every day and 1 hours each time is more beneficial to your health.

Size Information:

Size  Suitable  Waist     

  •  S60--74CM
  •  M74--86CM     
  •  L 86--100CM    
  •  XL 100--113CM  

Package :

  •  1 x Self-Heating Waist Belt

Package Weight: 0.160 kg (0.35lb.)
Package Size: 10 cm x 5 cm x 2 cm (3.94in x 1.97in x 0.79in)

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