Profesionalus HDMI kabelis "Profesionalas" (5 metrai, 4K, Gold-plated, 1080P)


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  • Connector A: HDMI
  • Connector B: HDMI
  • Version: 2.0V
  • Speed: 18 Gpbs
  • Compatibility: Version 2.0 and below all versions
  • Connector Type: 24K gold-plated patent design penguin buckle structure
  • Connection type: Standard HDMI male to male
  • Core: 99.99% Oxygen-free copper 4N
  • Color: Grey
  • Length: 5M
  • Shield:Tinned copper braid + aviation grade insulation
  • Jacket:Nylon mesh layer + aluminum foil layer+wheat layer
  • Resolution:4k 2k 3D HDMI cable
  • Shell size: 43X20(MM)
  • Application: TV, Monitor, Projector, Set-top box, DVD, HD player, Camera, PMP handheld multimedia, Computer


  • Choseal's patent--Penguin buckle connector,strong,high quality signal transmission.
  • Audio and video sync transmission,one cable realize multimedia HD experience.
  • 2.0 Version HDMI cable,transmission speed is 18Gbps,support TV refresh rate is 120Hz,twice of 1.4V HDMI cable.
  • Resolution is 4K 2K, four times of 1080P, support 50/60FPS, support theater 21:9 aspect ratio, 3D, IMAX enjoy.
  • As many as 32 audio channels, support four audio stream, HIFI fever nondestructive support, support up to 1536 KHZ audio sampling,
  • support audio comes back, can effectively reduce the nonlinear distortion, at any time to enjoy theater sound level.
  • High purity wire, low loss, fast conduction, high speed.
  • Tinned copper braid + aviation grade insulation shield, high efficiency anti-electromagnetic interference, high efficiency anti-corrosion, prevent distortion.
  • Penguin clasp firmly against fall off Gold-plated layer strong signal transmission performance.
  • HDMI Association of certification
  • Certified HDMI Adapter
  • UL Certification
  • Cable can used for HDTV, monitor, projector, cable set-top box, DVD HD player, camera, PMP handheld multimedia,
  • computer which with standard HDMI connector

Install Tips:

  • Avoid do wiring trunking line body is part of a 90 - degree bend, in case the wire damage
  • The HDMI shell size 43 x 20 mm, When the wiring in tube, recommend use the of line pipe diameter
  • should not less than 25 mm, outside the body with high density nylon net woven, also don't wear tube, when decorating a wiring directly buried inside the wall.

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